If you are nearing the end of your first academic year in Ireland and would like to continue to work and study in Ireland, it is possible to renew your visa up to two times.

This must be done before your current visa expires. For most 25-week work and study in Ireland programmes, students are granted an 8-month visa.

Work and Study in Ireland – How to Renew


The process to apply to renew your work and study visa is similar to when you applied for your first visa and is explained in our blog ‘Work and Study in Ireland – How to apply for a visa’.

The fee to renew and apply for another 8-month work and study visa is €300. You must also provide INIS evidence or a letter from the school confirming that you have a attended a minimum 85% of your classes. If you have not achieved this you may only qualify for a 3-month visa.

Book your Appointment


When you have everything required to renew (attendance records, GNIB card, passport & email address) you can now make an appointment online. This is a new system which replaced the old system which involved queuing outside on a first-come, first-served basis.

This appointment can be made HERE if you are studying in Dublin and HERE if studying outside Dublin.

INIS advise that this appointment is booked from 10 weeks in advance of the expiry date of your visa.

Appointments are offered in a series of 1-hour slots each day.

  1. Select the date and a time that suits you
  2. Enter your information and confirm the appointment
  3. You will receive a confirmation by email

The confirmation email contains a link to a list of documents you will need for your appointment.

Start your new programme!


Welcome Ireland offer a special renewal price on our Academic Year in Ireland programme.

The cost for 6 months of General English with 15 hours classes per week is €1800.

For more information please visit

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